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Nowhere to find 2010 MacBook Pro's internal drive, help!

My 2010 MacBook Pro's original disk was nowhere to be found. It appears that I'm being requested to reinstall the operating system based on my searches for other solutions online. Uncertain on what to do next or whether to get the High Sierra boot disk from Amazon. I tried replacing the hard drive cable, but it didn't solve the problem. Whatever happens, my Mac always opens with the Disk Utility page and doesn't have a hard disk displayed on the left. I would be grateful for any advice. Despite owning a new MacBook Pro, I'd like to see if my old MacBook can be revived.

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iBoysoft author Amanda Wong

Amanda Wong

Answered on Friday, June 14, 2024

Is your Mac bootable? If you can boot up the Mac from the internal hard drive, you can check it in Disk Utility by clicking View > Show All Devices. If the Mac is unbootable and you can't find the internal drive in Disk Utility in Recovery mode, the drive could be dead. You'd better have created a backup for the Mac drive before the failure.

Can you see the startup disk while reinstalling macOS? If you can, try to reinstall macOS and restart the Mac. Besides, you can try to boot Mac from external hard drive to use the Mac as normal. If you still can't boot up with a bootable disk, then there could be hardware issues with the Mac, you can send it to a local repair for further help.


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