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What is the equivalent of hitting control-alt-delete on a Mac?

I used to press Control-Alt-Delete to quit frozen apps on my Windows computer. But the combination doesn't work on a Mac. I wonder what's the equivalent of hitting control-alt-delete on a Mac?

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Jenny Zeng

Answered on Wednesday, May 31, 2023


The equivalent of Control-Alt-Delete on a Mac for force quitting frozen apps is Option-Command-Esc.

When you press the Control-Alt-Delete keys on a Windows PC, you'll be given the options to lock your screen, switch users, sign out of your account, change a password, and access Task Manager. Among these, terminating unresponsive apps in Task Manager is the most popular usage of the Control-Alt-Delete keys.

However, the same combination does nothing on a Mac. To force quit an unresponsive app on Mac, you can use the Option-Command-Esc keys to activate the "Force Quit Applications" window, then choose the frozen app and click "Force Quit."

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