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Mac Doesn't Recognize Any External Drives after 12.6.6 Update

All my external hard drives are not showing up on my Mac Pro (Late 2023) after 12.6.6 update. After my Mac updated to Monterey 12.6.6, now no external drive (HDs, thumb drives, CDs) will show up in the Finder. In Disk Utility, the only drive shows up is my internal startup drive. I have plugged my CD player and thumb drives into a Windows PC and they show up. So, I think that isn’t the fault of the drives. Plus, my four drives don’t go bad all at once. Any tips would be much appreciation.

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iBoysoft author Connie Yang

Connie Yang

Answered on Saturday, May 4, 2024

Usually, if you have allowed external hard drives to show up in the Finder sidebar (click Finder on the menu bar > Settings and check External disks), they will appear in the Finder sidebar under Locations once they are recognized by macOS.

Click the arrow next to Locations on the Finder sidebar to see expand all the devices including the external disks.

However, you say that the external disks are also not showing up in Mac Disk Utility but appear in a Windows PC, the only culprit is the connection issue.

You can change the USB cable and connect the external drives to another port on your Mac or the USB hub (if you use it).

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