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How to recover data from a formatted memory card? Want to retrieve photos!

Chooses the incorrect memory card on my Mac/PC and mistakenly formatted it, all my photos, files, and videos are erased. Now I want to know if it is possible to recover data from the formatted memory card and how.

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iBoysoft author Jessica Shee

Jessica Shee

Answered on Monday, April 29, 2024

Yes, you can recover data from a formatted memory card. Although formatting erases all the contents on your memory card, the data will be permanently removed until the new data occupies the disk sectors. So, stop using the formatted memory card to avoid overwriting data. Otherwise, it is not possible to recover anymore.

If you have created backups for the memory card, you can quickly get back your lost photos, videos, and files. Unluckily, there is no backup available to use. Then the last resort is to try professional data recovery software. It can scan out your lost and deleted files from storage media as many as possible.

There are many memory card recovery tools, free or paid. I tried several to recover files from an SD card on Mac, and iBoysoft Data Recovery stands out, it is easy to use, scans the memory card, and recovers most of my lost photos. Great! It works with both macOS and Windows, you can download and install it on your computer to recover data from a formatted memory card ASAP!

You are only a few steps away from recovering data from a formatted memory card on Mac:

Step 1. Download and install iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac on your device. 

Step 2. Correctly connect the formatted memory card to the Mac via an SD slot, SD reader, or adapter.

Step 3. Select the memory card from the list of detected drives by data recovery software, and click Next to scan.

Step 4. Find the files you want to recover by clicking Preview and click Recover to save the files you want to retrieve.

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