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How Can I Recover Data From A Surface Pro That Won't Turn On?

my Surface wont turn on and I was wondering how I could recover the data on it?

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iBoysoft author Vain Rowe

Vain Rowe

Answered on Monday, April 29, 2024

Hi there, are you sure the Surface Pro doesn't turn on instead of not booting up? Since Surface Pro not turning on and not booting up two issues have different troubleshooting based on disparate symptoms.

Surface not booting up refers to the machine being successfully turned on, the monitor lit up but not loading the OS, it is stuck on an unresponsive screen, getting a Windows black screen of death, or not passing the Surface screen, etc. Such an issue is usually caused by software.

You can download iBoysoft Data Recovery WinPE (ISO) -Trial here to implement the data recovery task.

A Surface not turning on means there is no response after you press the power button on the keyboard the Surface screen remains black without any visuals, and there is no sound. It seems the Surface Pro is dead. The problem would be hardware-related.

You can try to recharge the Surface Pro, check the charging cable, turn on the Surface with keyboard shortcuts, disconnect all Surface peripherals, soft reset the Surface Pro, force a shutdown and restart the Surface Pro and see if the Surface Pro turns on successfully.

If you fail to get Surface Pro turned on, go to local repair for professional advice.

For more information, please visit: Surface Pro Won't Turn On? Recover Data from Dead Surface!


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