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NTFS Seagate drive not showing up in Finder/Disk Utility after Big Sur update

I have two Seagate external drives, a 2TB and an 8TB, which disappeared from Finder after updating to macOS Big Sur. In Disk Utility, they were listed as "Unmounted." I plugged them into my old Mac and a Windows laptop, and both of them worked. I also tried repairing them with First Aid. The 2TB drive was repaired, but the 8TB failed with an error saying that it was busy. Since then, the 8TB has disappeared from Disk Utility, and it's also no longer visible on the other Mac or Windows PC. How do I bring back the disappeared 8TB drive? Any help is appreciated.

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iBoysoft author Jenny Zeng

Jenny Zeng

Answered on Monday, September 11, 2023

To fix the NTFS Seagate drive not showing up in Disk Utility after the Big Sur update, you need to try the following solutions.

Fix 1: Check the connections

If your Seagte external drive isn't properly connected, it will not appear in Disk Utility. Try the following steps to avoid connections issues:

  • Reboot your Mac and reconnect the external drive to your Mac slowly.
  • Plug the drive into a power source if available.
  • Try a different USB cable or port.

Fix 2: Boot into Safe Mode

If connection isn't the issue, the outdated NTFS driver is likely the culprit. It may not be compatible with macOS Big Sur and is stopping NTFS-formatted drives from showing up in Disk Utility. To verify it, you can boot into Safe Mode.

If the drive appears in Disk Utility after restarting into Safe Mode, you need to uninstall the problematic NTFS driver to resolve the issue.

Since Seagate licensed Paragon NTFS for Mac to sell with their drives, you can find and open it from your Applications folder, then click NTFS for Mac > Settings > Uninstall from the menu bar.

Fix 3: Check the drive in iBoysoft NTFS for Mac

After the offending NTFS driver is uninstalled, you can install iBoysoft NTFS for Mac to see if it lists your Seagate external drive. It's a professional NTFS driver that mounts NTFS-formatted drives in read-write mode, available to Intel and Apple Silicon Macs running macOS 13 Ventura ~ macOS 10.13 High Sierra. 

If it presents your NTFS drive as "Not Mounted", you can click the "Startup" button to mount the disk. The button will open the "Start Disk" setting. Close the window and go back to iBoysoft NTFS for Mac should see the drive as mounted.

If your NTFS drive still won't show up, you may need to send it for repairing.

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