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The Cut option and Command-X are not working on Mac

Regarding Lion and the "cmd+X" Activity, I have a question. I recently switched from Windows to Mac, and while I enjoy the "Other World," there is currently one very important point that I am unable to understand: in Windows Explorer, I can mark any File or Folder to " cut " it completely and insert it to another Folder or somewhere... but in Finder, there is the Button or/and the combination of cmd+x that is not activated (grey letters), and there is also no Submenu at the right Mouse Button that contains the word "Cut." Not even a chance to copy a PDF or TXT; the only option may be to move the file with the mouse to a different location. What is wrong with it (Me), and how can I make it right? Or does it just rely solely on photo editing?

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iBoysoft author Amanda Wong

Amanda Wong

Answered on Thursday, May 16, 2024

Unlike Windows, the Cut option in Finder and Command-X can only be used to cut text instead of files and folders on Mac. That's why you attempt to cut a selected file/folder but the Cut option is greyed out or the Command-X key shortcut doesn't work.

Although you can't directly cut files/folders to another location on your Mac, some workarounds exist to move items there.

1. Select the desired item, and drag-drop it to the location within Finder.

2. Copy and paste items on Mac and then delete the original source.

3. Move files on Mac using the title bar.

4. Change file location by running Terminal commands such as "mv ~/Downloads/MyFile.txt ~/Documents/Work/MyFile.txt."

5. Move files to a selected path with iBoysoft MagicMenu's Send To feature in the right-click menu.


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