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How to transfer files to external hard drive from MacBook Pro to back them up?

I intend to back up some of the files on my MacBook Pro by transfering them to an external hard drive. Initially, I used Time Machine, but it wanted to erase my drive, so I gave it up. Then I opened two windows in Finder and dragged the files to the external drive. To my surprise, it won't let me do it. I can't copy the files to the external disk. I'm new to Mac. Am I doing anything wrong? Help please!

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iBoysoft author Jenny Zeng

Jenny Zeng

Answered on Monday, April 29, 2024

Your attempt to copy the files from your MacBook Pro to the external hard drive is appropriate. The problem is that your Mac may not have write access to the drive. This could be due to file system incompatibility or permission issues.

Typically, the external drive is formatted in NTFS, a Windows file system that's read-only on Mac. To write data to an NTFS drive on Mac, you need a tool like iBoysoft NTFS for Mac.

It can grant you full read/write access to any NTFS-formatted external hard drives on Mac, allowing you to transfer, delete, save, or modify files freely. Once it's installed, you can use your NTFS drives on Mac, as they are formatted specifically for macOS, without bothering to relaunch the software.

You can get it to copy files to the NTFS external drive from your MacBook by clicking the button below!

However, if your external drive isn't formatted with NTFS, you might need to change permissions on Mac.

To learn more details about transferring files to external disks on Mac, read: How to Move/Transfer Files from Mac to External Hard Drive?

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