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Fixes: Discrepancy between Disk Utility and About This Mac

I have just deleted a copy of my Photos Library from my internal hard drive. It was about 144GB then I emptied the Trash. I checked the space on my internal drive shows that it was prior to the deletion and the emptying of the trash. I compared a snapshot of the disk with Disk Utility and also "About This Mac". They differ from each other, though Disk Utility agrees with the Info panel. Quitting and relaunching Disk Utility has not yet made any difference, any fix?

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iBoysoft author Sherry Song

Sherry Song

Answered on Monday, April 29, 2024

Hello, glad to solve your problems. According to your description, the reasons are possibly due to the local snapshot of Time Machine, the purgeable space on Mac, system glitches, disk errors, etc.

  1. 1. Restart your Mac.

2. Remove purgeable space. The difference means you have purgeable space on the drive, so you'd better use some reliable tools to clear it like iBoysoft DiskGeeker, which can safely and completely remove the space.

3. Use Mac Safe Mode. You can fix problems in it.

4. Erase local snapshots. Open Terminal and type tmutil listlocalsnapshots / and then type sudo tmutil deletelocalsnapshots xxx (replace xxx with the date and time that you want to delete). Finally, type for d in $(tmutil listlocalsnapshotdates | grep "-"); do sudo tmutil deletelocalsnapshots $d; done.

5. Repair the drive with the First Aid in Disk Utility.

6. Reindex Spotlight.

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