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How To Recover Deleted Or Lost Freeform Boards On A Mac?

Updated on Friday, June 28, 2024

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Summary: Lose unfinished or finished Freeform files on your Mac? You've come to the right place. This post guides you to recover the deleted or lost Freeform files on your Mac computer via professional data recovery software - iBoysoft Data Recovery Software and other effective workarounds.

how to recover deleted or lost Freeform boards on Mac

Freeform is a fabulous utility that aims to provide a limitless platform for both designers and non-designers to expand their imaginations and create them by writing or painting. With a blank board, you can write notes, draw a mind mapping, collaborate a work with your friends or colleagues, and so on.

It is a handy toolkit that allows you to share with others via Messages, Mail, Invite with Link, or export as a PDF file to complete the cooperation task. It can be regarded as a handwriting text tool, in some aspects.

However, some users suffer from Freeform board loss due to unsuccessful iCloud synch, system crashes, Mac errors or glitches, accidental deletion, etc. which drives people crazy!

Be easy, however. This post explores how to recover deleted or lost Freeform boards on Mac with both professional and Mac built-in workarounds! If you suffer from Freeform file loss, just follow this post to bring them back!

how to recover deleted or lost Freeform boards on Mac

How to recover deleted or lost Freeform boards on Mac? [Professional]

Once you lose the Freeform files on your Mac, you'd better stop any writing actions to your hard drive in case they will be overwritten. Immediate data recovery should be performed because the faster the data recovery starts, the higher the success rate you get to recover the files.

Here you're highly recommended to use iBoysoft Data Recovery Software to implement this file recovery task, which aims to recover different kinds of files from an inaccessible, unreadable, corrupted, broken, failing, or even dead hard drive. When you're stuck in data loss trouble due to accidental file deletion, system crash, or hard drive being corrupted, just give it a shot, which always gets ready to assist you out of trouble!

How to recover deleted or lost Freeform boards on Mac via iBoysoft Data Recovery Software:

Step 1: Free download and install iBoysoft Data Recovery Software on your Mac computer.

Do not place it in the partition/volume where you lose Freeform files or it will overwrite the traces of lost files.

Step 2: Launch this utility and select the targeted hard drive which loses files.

If you lose files on an external hard drive, please connect it to your Mac firmly and then select it in the tool's main window.

Step 3: Click Search for Lost Data to begin the disk scanning process.

iBoysoft Data Recovery Software is configured with advanced disk scanning skills which scans your hard drive bit by bit and sector by sector for any left file traces. You can trust its disk-scanning feature which will bring you good results.

how to recover deleted or lost Freeform boards on a Mac

Step 4: When the disk scanning ends, this utility shows you the scanned results.

You can check these results by selecting them to choose Preview. To narrow the file range, click the "search" character to use the filter function in the upper right corner.

how to recover deleted or lost Freeform boards on a Mac

Step 5: When the preview ends, select the wanted files and click Recover to save them to a destination drive!

Please save the recovered files well in case data loss happens again. It's a good option to back up the recovered files if possible!

how to recover deleted or lost Freeform boards on a Mac

If you think that this utility helps a lot in recovering deleted or lost Freeform boards on your Mac computer, why not share it to assist more people who suffer from the same trouble?


How to recover deleted or lost Freeform boards on Mac? [Built-in ways]

There are also some Mac-native workarounds available to recover deleted or lost Freeform boards, yet whether they work well depends on the single actual scenario. Just read on to see if these ways are useful to you!

Workaround 1: Recover deleted or lost Freeform files via Time Machine backup

If you enable Time Machine to back up your device thoroughly, recovering lost Freeform files via the Time Machine backup is a good idea. As expected, Time Machine always backs up all files and modifications made to them regularly. You can try the following steps to restore the Freeform boards:

Step 1: Connect your Mac with the Time Machine backup drive. Enter password if required.

Step 2: Click the Time Machine icon at the menu bar > Enter Time Machine.

Step 3: Select Macintosh HD and click Users

Step 4: Click <Your name of account> and choose Library for further actions.

Step 5: Tap on Containers, right-click on the Freeform folder, and click Restore. A warning will prompt you, just hit Replace to confirm your actions.

how to recover deleted or lost Freeform boards on Mac

Step 6: Open Freeform and you should get it back successfully!

Workaround 2: Recover deleted Freeform files via Mac Trash

If you delete the Freeform files accidentally, you can restore them from the Mac Trash. Mac Trash keeps files and folders deleted in 30 days before file emptying. If you are so lucky to have a chance to restore files from it, give Mac Trash restoration a try!

Simply launch Mac Trash, find the Freeform files you want, and then select them to choose Put Back. After these steps, the Freeform files will go back to their original location.

how to recover deleted or lost Freeform boards on Mac

What might cause Freeform file loss on a Mac?

Freeform file loss can be caused for sorts of reasons, including accidental deletion, Mac operating system crash, unknown errors generated at the OS level or command execution level, hard drive being too full, Freeform crash, backup loss for Time Machine not in the menu bar, etc.

On top of these reasons, there is one reason that needs notice -- Freeform board loss by iCloud sync failure. This culprit is not single since lots of users have complained that the Freeform boards get lost after they try to sync them across devices. While this trouble is highly possibly caused by an app glitch. 

For the sake of data safety, you'd better off backing up the boards before sync. A physical backup and a cloud backup are recommended which effectively ensure your files won't be lost.

Final words

Data loss is always unexpected and difficult to avoid, which emphasizes the importance of data backup much more. If you unluckily run into Freeform data loss trouble, no worries, please. This post instructs how to recover deleted or lost Freeform boards with both professional and built-in workarounds, just keep reading and follow it to bring the lost files back!