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How to Use Command Shift R on Mac & Command Shift R Not Working on Mac

Updated on Friday, June 28, 2024

iBoysoft author Sherry Song

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Keyboard shortcuts are powerful tools that enhance productivity by allowing quick access to various functions. Among these, the Command+Shift+R shortcut is particularly useful on your computer, offering specific functions across different applications.

Whether you're a web developer, a regular browser user, or just exploring your Mac's capabilities, knowing this shortcut Command Shift R can be so beneficial.

In this article, we'll explore what Command Shift R does, especially in macOS and Chrome, and provide tips on what to do if it stops working.

How to Use Command Shift R on Mac?

What is Command Shift R on Mac

Command Shift R is the keyboard short in Mac Finder, allowing you to quickly open AirDrop as soon as possible. After pressing the Command, Shift, and R, the AirDrop window will show inside the Finder. You can choose the Apple device you want to send or drag the files to the receiver shown on the window.

Command Shift R to open AirDrop

Then just wait for the sending, the receiver will accept the file if it agrees. If you don't see the wanted receiver, you can turn the Bluetooth off and on or let him/her off and on until you see it. (If AirDrop not working, please fix it.)

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How about other windows not in Finder? How do you use AirDrop? Maybe you will say you can open it with Settings, Finder, or click the sending option after viewing the photos. Here we provide you with another more convenient choice.

With iBoysoft MagicMenu, using AirDrop on your Mac is now simpler than ever. Instead of opening Finder, then dragging and dropping the file into the AirDrop window, using the right-click Share > AirDrop option, or pressing the Command Shift R then choose the files, you can directly right-click the file or folder you want to share and select AirDrop to start transferring.

Even on the Desktop, you can just right-click and open AirDrop in one step~Download and have a try.

What is Command Shift R on Chrome?

In Google Chrome, the "Command + Shift + R" shortcut has a specific and crucial function: it performs a "Hard Reload" of the current webpage.

This action is particularly useful because it bypasses the browser's cache, forcing the page to load fresh content directly from the server. This is essential for:

  • Web developers: Ensure that the latest changes in code or design are reflected without relying on cached files.
  • Regular users: Fix issues where a webpage does not display the most up-to-date content or is behaving erratically due to cached data.

Using Command Shift R can resolve many common web browsing issues, making it a handy tool for both developers and everyday users.

What does Command Shift R do for other apps?

While Command Shift R is well known for its refreshing role in Chrome or opening AirDrop in Mac Finder, it has diverse functions in other programs:

  • Photos: Resets the zoom level of an image to fit the screen.
  • Mac Google Sheets: Right align.
  • Apple Xcode 16: Build for running.
  • Skype: Start an audio call.
  • Microsoft Edge on Mac: Reload the current page and ignore caches.
  • Zoom on Mac: Start local recording.
  • iTunes 11 for Mac: Show where the song is located in Finder.
  • Adobe Photoshop on Mac: (Horizontal/Vertical type tool) Align right.

If you know other apps can use the Command Shift R, please leave your answers.


Bonus: How to fix Command Shift R not working?

If you find that "Command + Shift + R" is not working as expected, here are a few fixes you can follow:

  1. (1) Check keyboard settings: Ensure that your keyboard settings are configured correctly and that there are no conflicts with other shortcuts.
    Go to Apple menu > Settings > Keyboard > Shortcut to manage and customize your keyboard commands.

Check keyboard settings


(2) Make your apps open: Make sure the application you are using is active and in focus. Some shortcuts only work when their respective application is the frontmost window.

(3) Update macOS: Ensure that your macOS and applications are up to date. Outdated software can sometimes cause shortcuts to malfunction. 
Go to Apple menu > Settings > General > Software Update > Update macOS if available.

Check macOS update

(4) Restart your Mac: A simple restart can resolve many issues related to keyboard shortcuts and system glitches.

(5) Reset PRAM/NVRAM: On rare occasions, resetting the PRAM/NVRAM can resolve persistent keyboard shortcut problems. This is done by restarting your Mac and holding down the Command + Option + P + R keys.

If these steps do not resolve the issue, consider consulting Apple's support resources or finding help in more forums.

Final words

Command Shift R shortcut is a powerful tool that can enhance your productivity on a Mac, especially in applications like Chrome and Finder. For much simpler usage, why not try iBoysoft MagicMenu?