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Full Guide: Running Microsoft Edge on Mac

Updated on Thursday, May 16, 2024

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Full Guide: Running Microsoft Edge on Mac

Summary: Have you ever used Microsoft Edge for Mac? This post introduces you to Microsoft Edge for Mac, including is Microsoft Edge available for Mac, how is Microsoft Edge for Mac different, and how to download Microsoft Edge for Mac.

Microsoft Edge for Mac

You must be very familiar with Microsoft Edge. If you didn't change your browser, Microsoft Edge is your default browser on Windows. But have you ever used Microsoft Edge on Mac? Or else, have you ever heard of Microsoft Edge for Mac?

Maybe some Mac users think what Microsoft Edge is. In general, it is a built-in browser on Windows to replace Internet Explorer after the release of Windows 10. Some Windows users who switch to using Mac may be used to using Microsoft Edge compared to Safari or Google.

Now, you may be curious about is Microsoft Edge available for Mac. How is Microsoft Edge for Mac different? How to use Microsoft Edge for Mac or how to download it? Don't worry. You'll find answers to this series of problems in this article.

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Is Microsoft Edge available for Mac?

Microsoft Edge is a proprietary, cross-platform web browser created by Microsoft, first released in 2015 as a part of Windows 10 and Xbox one. It was later ported to other platforms as a fork of Google's Chromium open-source project: Android, iOS, macOS, Windows (Windows 7 and later), and Linux. It's the inheritance and development of Internet Explorer.

In 2019, Microsoft released the first Microsoft Edge version for Mac called Canary--a project name of beta, which is currently only accessible through Microsoft Edge Insider. 

Microsoft Edge Canary

This is marking the first time in 13 years that a Microsoft Edge browser was available on the Mac platform. The last time Microsoft browser was available on Mac was Microsoft Internet Explorer for Mac, withdrawn in 2006.

How is Microsoft Edge for Mac different?

To make Microsoft Edge more available for macOS, Microsoft makes some changes and updates to suit Mac environment. For example, to mimic other Mac apps, Microsoft Edge for Mac has updated fonts, menus, and navigation bars. In addition, Microsoft has even added preliminary support for Touch Bar.

And the IE Mode in Microsoft Edge for Mac replicates other Internet Explorer environments to help with testing and viewing dated websites that aren't designed for modern web browsers.

Although Microsoft Edge is currently in its early stage on Mac, it is still a valuable browser for Mac. What is worth to attention is that the interface of Microsoft Edge for Mac now more closely matches the global macOS design.

How to download Microsoft Edge for Mac?

Through the above introduction, you may get the drift about Microsoft Edge for Mac and can't wait to download and try to use it. But before we start, you need to check your Mac system whether is macOS Sierra (10.12) and later. You can open the Apple menu and click About This Mac to check.

Now, here are the steps for how to download Microsoft Edge for Mac.

  1. Open the Microsoft Edge website in your browser.
  2. Click Download in the menu bar.
  3. Choose macOS and click Accept and download.
  4. Launch Microsoft Edge for Mac from your downloads or browse the downloads folder in Dock or Finder.
  5. Click Continue to install.
  6. Choose where you want to install the browser and click Install.

Download Microsoft Edge for Mac

After installation, you can choose to move the Microsoft Edge Installer to trash or not. 

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