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Why Would Mac Not Turn On?

previous post got taken down so here is the short story: macbook would not turn on, tried charging for multiple hours and did not work. took to the genius bar and was told after checking it out in the back it wasn't working and needed to pay $428 + tax to fix, but he recommended I not do that and buy a new one so i did because it was a couple years old and had the black plastic lining on the screen falling apart and i did not want to pay that much just to fix it when it was almost half the price of a new one. week later, today, i thought to try the new charger with the broken laptop and it ended up turning on and works perfectly fine after i was convinced to buy a new one. is this just a bad situation or can something be done about this? mostly upset that i was told it was broken when it wasn't. is there an explanation for why it wasn't turning on before?

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iBoysoft author Vain Rowe

Vain Rowe

Answered on Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Hi there, it seems that your old battery charger worked improperly that causing your MacBook to have not enough power to start up. Any time when you encounter the trouble Mac won't turn on, do not hurry to replace it with a new one, go to try some professional solutions first. To be specific, you should try to check the hardware, perform a power cycle, reset the SMC, reinstall macOS, and more to rule out the possible reason.

If the trouble that your Mac won't turn on isn't fixed by the solutions mentioned below, then you should go to the Apple service center for experts' help or replace your failing MacBook with a new one.


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