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Can't Boot Mac M1 Pro in Startup Options to Reinstall macOS

After I hold the power button for 10 secs as described in certain articles, my Mac with M1 Pro chip doesn't show the startup options. I tried uninstalling the recently installed app but doesn't fix this issue. I can open my Mac with some reset combinations but can't reinstall macOS.

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iBoysoft author Connie Yang

Connie Yang

Answered on Friday, June 14, 2024

Perhaps the steps you follow in those articles are not correct. Now, completely turn off your Mac and wait a moment.

Then, Follow the steps below to boot your M1 Pro Mac into Recovery Mode:

  1. Press down the power button on your Mac until you see the startup options and the Options gear icon.
  2. Click on the Options button and then click Continue.
  3. If asked, choose a volume (the macOS or Macintosh HD volume) to recover and click Next.
  4. Choose a user and click Next.
  5. Enter your admin password and click Continue.

Then, you can see the macOS Utilities, including Restore from Time Machine, Reinstall macOS (Ventura, Monterey, or Big Sur), Safari, and Disk Utility. That means you are in macOS Recovery mode.

You can click the Reinstall macOS utility and follow the onscreen guide to reinstall macOS on your M1 Mac.

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