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How To Retrieve Files From The Inaccessible Time Capsule?

I got my MacBook robbed this weekend, and today I arrived home to restore my Time Machine backups to an old MacBook I had. While I received an error in the middle of restoration: The backup cannot be opened. An unexpected error occurred when trying to open the backup. (Error 2). I then logged into my Time Capsule disk, yet it denied my access and popped up an error saying "Internal disk needs repair." Consequently, my restoration by using Time Capsule failed as well. Is there any possible way for me to retrieve files from the Time Capsule?

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iBoysoft author Vain Rowe

Vain Rowe

Answered on Wednesday, April 24, 2024

It seems that your Time Capsule is defective, failing to access files. Apple has not offered recovery for Time Capsule, the last chance you can have a try is to remove the disk of Time Capsule out and connect it to a functional Mac device for file retrieval. This way is quite risky for two aspects, one is that you must ensure to take out the hard disk correctly to avoid it being physically damaged, and the second is that this step violates Time Capsule's warranty, cutting the chance of asking for a replacement of the problematic Time Capsule. So please think twice before you do it.

Moreover, backing up your data on cloud storage is recommended for which less likely gets broken or inaccessible.


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