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How to Retrieve Files Permanently Deleted From Trash?

I emptied my Trash this morning and I purchased a data recovery software to recover my files but failed. Please help.

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iBoysoft author Eudora Liu

Eudora Liu

Answered on Wednesday, November 22, 2023

To retrieve files permanently deleted from Trash on your Mac, you can try to use iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac.

With iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac, you can recover permanently deleted files on your Mac effortlessly. It can recover various types of files like photos, videos, documents, etc. stored on an internal/external hard drive on your Mac.

Step 1: Download iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac.

Step 2: Choose your drive or volume to scan.

Step 3: Preview deleted files.

Step 4: Select your deleted files and Recover them.


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