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How To Fix An SD Card Won't Erase, Reformat, And Partition?

Hello, everyone. I got an almost new 4GB SDHC card for my Panasonic G10 Lumix camera and I couldn't write any photos to it so I planned to erase it in Disk Utility on my Mac. When I mounted this card on Mac, all the previous files came back. Besides, my formatting made no sense because everything stayed on my card in good condition. This weird thing also happened on my camera when I plugged my card into it for formatting. Can anyone give me a fix to make my card normal?

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iBoysoft author Vain Rowe

Vain Rowe

Answered on Monday, April 29, 2024

Since you have mentioned that your SD card refused any writing actions, I suggest you check if it is write-locked first, just push the slider to another side to check if you can write files to this storage device.

Secondly, a camera has two kinds of card reformatting -- a quick level and a full level. If your photos still remained on the card after reformatting, why not give the full reformatting a try? This full reformatting is gonna take all photos and videos stored on it away.

Thirdly, insert the SD card into another camera to complete the reformatting task and see if it works out.

For the SD card reformatting work on Mac, you have to ensure that you operate with the correct steps. Read this article to reformat your SD card successfully: 3 Ways to Format an SD Card to FAT32 on Mac


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