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Update Mojave to Big Sur stuck when downloading finished

Greetings to all. I'm having trouble updating from macOS Mojave to Big Sur; the entire update is 12.18 GB. However, the " Install" option never shows when the download is finished; it simply remains frozen at 12.18GB. I tried three times in safe mode, and twice in normal mode, and the behavior was the same (see below). Please, could you assist? MacBook Pro 2019 Touch Bar 15"

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iBoysoft author Amanda Wong

Amanda Wong

Answered on Monday, April 29, 2024

Perhaps, you can be patient to wait it out although you see the downloading bar complete as some Mac users find that the download progress indicator is not displaying the correct percentage or results sometimes.

macOS update stuck is not an uncommon issue among Mac users. It may get stuck while downloading, and you can't continue the process of installing the macOS on your Mac. When the macOS downloading stuck issue befalls, these solutions may work:

  • Give it more time
  • Check your internet or network settings
  • Connect your charger to ensure enough battery
  • Free up space to ensure sufficient disk storage for macOS
  • Reset SMC and NVRAM
  • Check if Apple's servers are acting up

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