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How do I recover deleted files in Numbers?

I accidentally deleted an important Numbers spreadsheet on my iMac. How can I get it back?

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iBoysoft author Jenny Zeng

Jenny Zeng

Answered on Monday, February 19, 2024

You can try the following four ways to recover the deleted Numbers file. Whether you can recover the deleted spreadsheet depends on whether or how it's saved and if you have permanently deleted it.

If you accidentally deleted one table of a spreadsheet and the file is still open, you can undo or revert the change with the following tips:

  • From the top menu bar, click Edit > Undo Delete.
  • Or click File > Revert to > Last Opened/Last Saved/Browse All Versions

If you deleted an entire Numbers file, check your Trash bin. If the file is saved to a folder on your Mac, it should still be in your Trash bin until you empty the trash. If you find the deleted file, right-click it and select "Put Back" to restore it to its original location.

If it's not in your Trash, the next step is to look for it on icloud.com. Open the website and log in to your Apple account. Then click the Drive section and select "Recently Deleted." If you find the deleted file you want to get back, select it and click "Restore All."

If not, try scanning your Mac with iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac. It can recover all types of files on Mac, including files created on Numbers, Pages, etc. If the deleted Numbers file is still on your Mac, the data recovery software will find it and allow you to preview it for free.

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