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What if Image Capture deleted the video without downloading

Hi there, I just got back from doing a festival performance. I recently attempted to use image capture to download a show that we performed that was recorded. My video has been erased AND it hasn't downloaded? Please, is there a way I can get this video back? It's quite significant. Where would it have been deleted? It's not in the deleted files on my iPhone or Mac. Since I had just returned, I hadn't backed up my phone and wanted to download this right away. Please lend a hand! I'm inconsolable.

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iBoysoft author Amanda Wong

Amanda Wong

Answered on Friday, June 14, 2024

Image Capture shouldn't delete the videos without downloading them first. Even if you have set Delete after import in Image Capture, it only deletes the selected items from the iPhone after they are already downloaded to the Mac. It could be the application malfunctions cause this error.

You will see a green pot with a tick next to the download item in Image Capture, can you see this symbol? Then, head to the selected destination folder for the download on your Mac to check whether the downloaded videos are there. If you can't find the iPhone videos in that folder, you can only try iPhone data recovery software/service to recover the deleted videos as there is no backup.


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