How to Enable iBoysoft Mac Duplicate Photo Finder Extension

To find duplicate photos on Mac one by one is time-consuming

Here’s how to download and install it for free to enable the archiver on Mac:

  • 1

    Click the download button below to free download iBoysoft MagicMenu.

  • 2

    Double-click the downloaded zip file on the web page or go to the Mac Downloads folder in Finder to open it. After unzipping, click the dmg file.

  • 3

    In the pop-up installation window, double-click the installer.pkg file to start installing iBoysoft MagicMenu on your Mac.

  • 4

    Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation, then you can see iBoysoft MagicMenu in Mac Launchpad.

How to Find Duplicate Photos on Mac with iBoysoft Mac Extension

Once the iBoysoft Mac Duplicate Photo Finder extension is enabled, you can quickly utilize this right-click enhancer to find duplicate photos on your Mac.


Right-click selected photos/folders and choose “Similar Photos”

Either on Mac desktop or in Finder, you can select multiple photos or folder/folders to let iBoysoft Mac Extension to find duplicate photos. Press and hold the Control key and click the selected photos/folders, then choose Similar Photos on the menu.


Wait for the search to complete

For the first time to use iBoysoft Mac Duplicate Photo Remover, it pops up a window to ask for allowing to access the files on your Mac, just click OK. The tool automatically search for duplicate photos from the selected items and compare the similar images.

If there is no duplicate photos, it shows “No similar pictures found.”


Sort and Select duplicate photos to delete

Once it completes, it displays the results on the window. It tells the number and occupied space of the duplicate photos. You can sort the result by clicking “Created date”. By default, iBoysoft Mac Duplicate Finder selects extra duplicate photos and leaves only one unselected photo in each group. You can reselect photos for deletion by clicking on a photo in the left list, checking all its similar images on the right, and ticking the photos you want to delete.


Remove duplicate photos from Mac

Before the final deletion, you can choose to back up the selected files so that you can retrieve them in case of deleting incorrect images. This free photo duplicate finder enables you to easily make it by expanding the Clean up all selected files button and choosing “Cleaning up all the selected files after backing up”. Now, you can tap the right-bottom Clean up the selected files button and click OK to remove them.

Faq about Find Duplicate Photos on Mac


You will need a duplicate photo finder for Mac that can help you easily find and delete similar photos on Mac. iBoysoft Mac Extension provides Similar Photos to enable you to quickly find and clean duplicate photos in selected photos/folders via right-click menu. Download and try it for free!


On the latest macOS Ventura, Mac Photos adds a new album named Duplicates. When you click it, it automatically find duplicate photos and videos from all or selected albums. However, it takes too long to find duplicates in my own case.


1. Open Finder and select File on the top menu bar.
2. Select New Smart Folder from the dropdown menu.
3. On the new window, click the plus + button.
4. Choose Kind and select file type, browse files on your Mac.
5. Select duplicate photos and delete them from Mac.

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