How to Enable iBoysoft Mac ImageConvert Extension

Of course, you can use the built-in Preview app's functionality to convert pictures. But it is inconvenient and time-consuming, especially if you need to convert a number of pictures. The neat iBoysoft Mac image converter can simplify your image conversion task.

You can enable the iBoysoft Mac ImageConvert extension with the following steps:

  • 1

    Ensure that you've already installed iBoysoft MagicMenu on your Mac, a multi-functional right-click enhancer that contains extensions working to improve your work efficiency.

  • 2

    Open iBoysoft MagicMenu and select Extension from the sidebar of its main interface.

  • 3

    Scroll down to find the Image Convert extension and then click the download button next to it.


How to Convert Images on Mac with iBoysoft Mac Extension

After enabling the ImageConvert extension in iBoysoft MagicMenu, you can convert a specific picture to another format or batch-convert images to the same or different file formats, including JPG, PNG, and WEBP.

Here are the steps to convert an image or multiple pictures to PNG, JPG, or WEBP on Mac:

  • Open iBoysoft MagicMenu, select the target picture that you want to convert in Finder and right-click on it.
  • Choose ImageConvert from the context menu.
  • Select an output file format. If you want to add pictures, click the top Add file button to add them.
  • To batch-convert images to the same format, you can tick the Convert all file types to option and then choose a desired format for these pictures from the drop-down box on the side.
  • To batch-convert pictures to different formats, deselect the Convert all file types to option and ensure the File Name box is ticked. Then, choose the file format from the back box of each picture.
  • If you don’t want to convert a certain file on the list, you can deselect it or directly click the Delete button to remove it.
  • Choose a location to save the converted files. You can save them to the original path by ticking the bottom Original folder box. Or, you can choose a different location with the Custom option.
  • Click Start converting and wait until the process is finished.

FAQs about Convert Image


You can use the iBoysoft Mac ImageConvert extension to help you. Just free download, install and launch iBoysoft MagicMenu that has the ImageConvert extension. Enable the ImageConvert extension on the main interface first. Then, right-click the target JPEG file and choose ImageConvert. On the pop-up interface, select your wanted PNG format for the file and click “Start converting” to get the converted PNG picture.


Using iBoysoft MagicMenu’s ImageConvert extension is the quickest and simplest way to convert multiple pictures to JPG. After you’ve free installed the app on Mac, enable the ImageConvert extension in iBoysoft MagicMenu. Next, select all your pictures in Finder, right-click on them, and choose ImageConvert to open the image conversion interface. Then, tick the “Convert all the types to” box and select JPG as the output format, and finally click “Start converting” to batch-convert these pictures.


iBoysoft Mac ImageConvert extension is a customizable, easy-to-use, well-designed, and secure image converter. It allows you to right-click to convert a specific photo or bulk-convert images quickly. To use this program, all you need to do is right-click to upload the pictures and then choose one or more output formats. Then, you can get your converted files immediately.

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