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MacUpdate Review: Is It Trusted to Use?

Updated on Friday, June 14, 2024

iBoysoft author Vain Rowe

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Vain Rowe
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As one big source website housing kinds of applications and software, MacUpdate attracts lots of users and fans by providing the apps that the Mac App Store lacks. However, some people doubt if MacUpdate is trusted and safe to use. 

Take it easy, this article from iBoysoft gives you a comprehensive and objective MacUpdate review and you just keep reading.

MacUpdate review

What is MacUpdate?

MacUpdate is a Mac software download website established in 1997, 14 years earlier than the official App Stored was launched by Apple. It covers the most popular and complete Mac software and applications around the world, even the apps that are discontinued or not supported by App Store. 

MacUpdate welcomes thousands of new and updated applications to its one million Mac users on a daily basis.

As a Mac developer, you're allowed to sell your apps or software by contacting its support team. And if you're a Mac user, you can search for any apps or app updates on macupdate.com without effort.

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Is MacUpdate safe to use?

Literally speaking, MacUpdate is reliable and safe to use which examines and tests the applications and software submitted by developers, confirms they are trusted to use, and then adds them to the website. Developers will then receive the software solutions that have passed this process provided by this website.

You can draw a conclusion about the MacUpdate applications' safety question from users and score since no one would like to give a fake review and score the apps highly in violation of real user experience, after all. 

For more advanced safety and security, you should update your macOS from the official App Store or System Preferences (System Settings in macOS Ventura and later) menu tab.

Furthermore, you're allowed to give your score to its Value, Ease of use, Features, Reliability, and Customer support as long as you download one app to your device.

Is MacUpdate free to use?

MacUpdate is free to use and all you need is a MacUpdate account. You can either create a new MacUpdate account with a Google account/Facebook account or email MacUpdate for a quick sign-up link, which costs you nothing. 

Moreover, most of the apps and software included in MacUpdate are free to use so you can free download and install them on your macOS computer in one go.

Yet there are also some licensed or proprietary apps and software that require a purchase first so that you can utilize it fully on your device, for example, Final Cut Pro and Adobe's suite of Creative Cloud solutions.

What apps can you find on the MacUpdate website?

MacUpdate involves more than thirty thousand applications and software solutions available for all Mac users, which refers to the following categories. You can have a look real quick here:

Developer toolsEducationFiance 
GamesGraphic DesignHealth & Fitness
Internet UtilitiesLifestyle & HobbyMedical Software
Music & Audio PhotographyProductivity
SecuritySystem UtilitiesTravel Video 

You're suggested to browse via the categories on the MacUpdate homepage and you'll find a slow of tools tailored to your preference.

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How many apps can I download from the MacUpdate website?

You need not count the number of apps at all that you download from the MacUpdate website cuz there is no limit to the number of apps and software. All you need to care about is the remaining Mac storage space. 

Note that too many trash and junk files cause your Mac running slow and lag, so you'd better free up Macintosh HD space regularly. 

iBoysoft DiskGeeker is able to scan all your internal hard drives thoroughly and clean all junk files in one fell swoop. You can free download and install it on your device, then launch it to scan all junk files and perform clean work, making your Mac run fast and smoothly.

How can I update the apps downloaded from MacUpdate?

When not sure how to update the apps downloaded from the macupdate.com review, this article gives you two optional solutions. 

The first one is that you can check any update of a certain application by accessing its preference, which is effortless. 

  1. Launch the target application via Spotlight Search or the Application folder in Finder.
  2. Click the app in the upper left corner of your Mac desktop and click Preferences in its context menu.
  3. Update the app if there are any available updates.

Or, MacUpdate Desktop is a perfect choice that scans your Mac for outdated apps and immediately notifies you when a new version is available. It updates your apps as simply as a single click as if you utilize it on your macOS computer.

Final words

If you're one who wants the real MacUpdate com review or macupdate.com review, you have come to the right place. This article gives you a real and reliable MacUpdate review and I believe that you will have your own conclusion by then.