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What to Do FCPx Permission Denied and Cannot Open Any Libraries

When I worked on an FCPX project, I got a warning "...could not be opened. Permission denied". So I can't open any libraries. I tried restarting, deleting FCPX preferences and adjusting the setting Full Disk, but the problem still remains. Any fixes?

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iBoysoft author Sherry Song

Sherry Song

Answered on Monday, February 19, 2024

Hi, there may exist two cases:

( 1 )If you had those libraries opened at some point and the application crashed, it is possible that some lock files were left behind.

  1. Press Control and click one of the libraries then choose Show Package Contents.
  2. Press Command, shift, and period to show hidden files.
  3. After seeing two files .lock and .lock-info and one folder .lock-dir, drag the three out of the package to the desktop.
  4. Try opening the library. If it works, you can trash the lock files, and repeat for the other libraries.

( 2 )If you look at any folders in your Mac, then you see some files greyed out (probably with names starting with a period). If you don't see any, then your unhidden file actions may be wrong. Try holding down the Command key and the Shift key, type a period. The change in the Finder display of any folder should be apparent when you do that.

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