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Restore Deleted Videos in iPhone (iCloud Was Full)

Can I restore deleted videos in my iPhone? I transferred all videos from my iPhone to MacBook Pro by Airdrop. However, I didn't check if the videos were in my MacBook or not before deleting all videos in my iPhone. I opened my MacBook and found no videos there. My iCloud was full for a long time so I think it is impossible to get them from iCloud. So, how can I get my deleted videos back? Thanks!

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iBoysoft author Connie Yang

Connie Yang

Answered on Monday, April 29, 2024

Indeed, the full iCloud won't sync anything. Deleted videos on an iPhone are moved to the Recently Deleted folder in the Files app, but they are only kept there for 30 days. If they are not there, you have to focus on your MacBook.

Are you sure you've checked everywhere on your MacBook Pro? Maybe the airdropped videos are on your MacBook but you didn't find them.

You can use Spotlight Search, the built-in file finder on your MacBook, to help you find the videos.

  1. Press Command + Space to launch Spotlight Search.
  2. Enter video into the search bar and check if your videos appear in the result list.

But this way may be a little bit complicated as you have a lot of videos. If you can't find them with the help of Spotlight, you probably haven't airdropped the videos to your MacBook successfully. In that case, choose iPhone data recovery software that supports permanently deleted file data recovery. 

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