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How to reslove Mac is not turning on?

My mac is not turning on. It is fully charge but nothing happens besides an occasional screen popup of the 100% battery sign.

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Eudora Liu

Answered on Monday, February 19, 2024

A Mac not turning on indicates a Mac is not responding at all after you press the power button/Touch ID button. Or when your macOS fails to start all the way up like stuck at the Apple logo or taking too long to finish to load.

For multiple reasons, you failed to turn your Mac on. We suggest some checks and techniques that can give you a great chance to make your Mac useable, especially when your MacBook won't turn on or your MacBook won't restart but still charges appropriately.

  1. Detach all the external devices from your Mac. A faulty accessory might prevent your Mac to turn on. Usually an accessory with wrong contacts, short circuits, or consuming an unusual amount of energy.
  2. Reset SMC. Check the System Management Controller that controls the entire Mac power-on process. If the SMC has not received power or failed to assign a power supply to the hardware circuit, your MacBook won't turn on.
  3. Perform a power cycle for Intel Macs. If your Mac is not responding to power button presses or lid-openings, you can perform a power cycle to force cut the power to it and force restart the Mac.
  4. Check your display brightness. If you still not seeing any images on your screen, that may be because you have turned down the monitor's brightness to the lowest. If the light is on, press Caps Lock to check whether your Mac is running.
  5. Get the repair services. If all the above solutions can't help you to turn your Mac on, you can go to the local Apple Store to get repair services.

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