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Need to check if a drive is FileVault-enabled in Recovery

I only see a single Macintosh HD in macOS recovery mode; I need to know if FileVault is enabled. No volume names are nested below the LVG name, as I have confirmed by checking that it is a logical volume group. I can use the terminal to remove the broken EFI partition scheme, but is there a way to confirm whether or not the disk is encrypted by FileVault, to the best of my knowledge? If so, is it possible for me to retrieve my data by first installing OS X on an external hard drive and then wiping the Macintosh HD?

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iBoysoft author Amanda Wong

Amanda Wong

Answered on Friday, June 14, 2024

At least, there should be two volumes: Macintosh HD and Macintosh HD - Data. According to your description, the data volume is lost, no FileVault-encrypted volume on your drive, and all your data is gone. You can try third-party data recovery software to recover data from the whole drive, and then erase the whole drive and reinstall macOS.

Generally, you can view FileVault-encrypted volumes in macOS Recovery Mode by using the Terminal command "diskutil cs list," for a FileVault-enabled volume, you can see "FileVault: Yes(Locked)." 

However, given that your Macintosh HD - Data volume is missing, you should try to recover data from AppleAPFSMedia. iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac is professional in recovering lost/deleted files from Mac's internal and external storage media. You can download it to recover data or run iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac in macOS Recovery Mode if your Mac is unbootable.

After recovering data, now, you can proceed to erase the whole drive in Disk Utility in macOS Recovery Mode, then get back to the macOS Utilities and choose Reinstall macOS, it could recreate two volumes the Macintosh HD and Macintosh HD - Data on the drive.


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