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BSOD in Win 7 and Mac OSX Boot Camp when cloned in NTFS format.

I have Windows 7 and OSX on my MacBook's boot camp partition. I try to upgrade to Windows 10. To back up my data, I cloned the Windows partition using Pegasus R6 in NTFS format, after that, I wanted to open the Windows partition in boot camp, but I got BSOD, so I erased the clone partition in NTFS form, which made no sense. Then I reformatted the clone drive from NTFS to HFS, then it was working, I wonder why Windows partition doesn't work when there's an NTFS formatted drive.

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iBoysoft author Yuri Zhang

Yuri Zhang

Answered on Monday, April 29, 2024

BSOD ( Blue Screen of Death ) happens when the Windows operating system cannot recover the displayed screen image from the system error.

When BSOD happens, it is advisable to reboot the operation system first. Secondly, you can attempt to undo the clone operation in this case, once you format the HFS to NTFS, the solution is to reformat the NTFS to HFS. 

You are supposed to know on older Mac models, such as the MacBook Pro from early 2011, there may be conflicts or compatibility issues between the NTFS format and the Boot Camp/Windows boot process.  

 Potential areas that require further investigation may include checking for any firmware updates to your Pegasus R6, verifying compatibility with Boot Camp and older Mac models, reviewing system logs or error messages during the boot process, and consulting technical support for your Pegasus R6 or Boot Camp/Windows compatibility on older Mac hardware.

Note that there's a possible mistake if you don't gain enough space to store your cloned data, and the capacity calculation of NTFS between HFS is different, before copying or cloning, please make sure there's enough spare room.

And if unluckily, you lost your partition data because of sudden BSOD, it is advisable to use iBoysoft Data Recovery software to retrieve the partition data and fix your formatted drive.


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