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How to Turn Off Quick Note Featured on macOS Monterey

Updated on Monday, May 13, 2024

iBoysoft author Amanda Wong

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Quick Note Accidentally Launches on Mac? You Can Disable it!

how to turn off quick note on Mac

Tired of seeing the Quick Note box when moving your cursor to the right bottom corner of your Mac screen? Or it accidentally pops up on the screen? Or it is annoying when you want to exit full-screen mode but trigger the Quick Note a lot? If so, you can read this post to learn how to turn off Quick Note on Mac.

Why does Quick Note appear in the right bottom corner?

After updating to macOS Monterey, you can see a note box when you mouse over the right bottom corner of the Mac display. This is a new feature of the latest macOS Monterey, called Quick Note. It is an easy way to jot down your thoughts without launching the Notes app. 

Since macOS Monterey, the newly introduced feature Quick Note is adapted by the Hot Corners which enables you to perform a designated action when moving the pointer to the four corners of the screen. And Quick Note is by default set to locate in the bottom right corner. That's why it triggers the Quick Note on macOS Monterey when the cursor hovers over the right bottom corner.

How to turn off Quick Note on macOS Monterey?

If you are not interested in Quick Note, you can remove it from the bottom righter corner of the Mac display. Although the Quick Note feature is based on the Notes app, you can not enable or disable the Quick Note in Notes. Follow the steps below to turn off Quick Note on Mac.

  1. Click on the Apple menu, and choose System Preferences.
  2. Choose Desktop & Screen Saver on the new panel.
    desktop screensaver
  3. Click on the Screen Saver tab on the top.
  4. Then tap the Hot Corners button in the right bottom corner.
    hot corner button
  5. An Activate Screen Corners box appears, it says Quick Note in the bottom right-hand corner.
  6. Click on Quick Note, select another option or choose the "-" icon.
  7. Then click OK to confirm the change.  
    deselect quick note

After turning off Quick Note on Mac, you will not see the bothering note box again when you move the cursor to the right bottom of the screen. In case you want to use the feature again, you can enable it with the same steps above. 

Fail to disable Quick Note?

Some Mac users report that they turn off the Quick Note in Hot Corners but the Quick Note still displays on the screen. The Quick Note probably is stuck so people fail to disable the Quick Note on Mac. In this way, you can try to force quit the Quick note and restart your Mac to troubleshoot this issue.