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wrong hard disk free space

My wife's Macbook reports wrong free space values which have 256GB SSD disk. She had 30GB free. I suppressed a 38GB VMWare machine to reset a backup copy that is 22 GB. Now it tells me it's impossible because it has insufficient space left on the disk. I freed over 38GB and the 30GB she had before, and it won't let me copy something smaller. The trash has been emptied, I rebooted in Mac Safe Mode, and ran DiskUtility to fix both the partition and the disk itself, none had errors, and I fixed the permissions. Still, when I click on the disk and GetInfo on it, it says only 20GB is free even though the status bar says there are about 70GB free. Something is wrong, it could not be less room after freeing 38GB, especially not less than what I freed. Any fix?

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iBoysoft author Sherry Song

Sherry Song

Answered on Friday, April 12, 2024

For your case, there are many solutions, and consider you have already tried some of them. Let's do these:

( 1 ) Restart your Mac.

( 2 ) Remove purgeable space with iBoysoft DiskGeeker. 

  1. Download, install, and open it.
  2. Select the drive you thought the wrong disk space in the left menu.
  3. Click Clean Junk from the right toolbar, then select the folder from the left to view the contents.
  4. Select your unwanted ones and click Clean > OK.

( 3 ) Erase local snapshots in Terminal.

( 4 ) Reindex Spotlight. Apple menu > System Settings > Click Siri & Spotlight > Spotlight Privacy > Click the add button and select the disk to add and click the remove button to remove > Click Done.

Hope you can resolve your problems finally.

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