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Mac devices get completely dead and fix the error partition

On my mac, I use Disk Utility to delete the Boot Camp partition, and after creating two partitions in APFS format, suddenly everything went wrong and I failed to boot into Mac. To boot into it, I guess it would work if I repair GUID, but it still has a Windows blue screen. what can i do now to fix them, any tips I would be appreciated a lot.

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iBoysoft author Yuri Zhang

Yuri Zhang

Answered on Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Here are steps to address your issues:

1. Boot your Mac into Internet Recovery Mode by holding Cmd + R during startup.

2. Open Disk Utility from the macOS Utilities menu.

3. Select your Mac's internal hard drive and click on "First Aid" to repair the GUID Partition Table.

4. Allow Disk Utility to complete the repair process and then attempt to restart your Mac to check if it boots into macOS successfully.

If the above steps do not work, please try to clone the disk to an external HD to ensure your data backup:

1. Connect your external USB hard drive to your Mac.

2. Open Terminal from the Utilities menu in Internet Recovery Mode.

3. Use the 'dd' command to clone your internal disk. Replace diskX with the identifier of your external drive.dd if=/dev/disk0 of=/dev/diskX bs=1m

4. Confirm the command and wait for the cloning process to complete. This will create a backup of your entire internal disk, including all partitions and data.

5. After completing these steps, attempt to restart your Mac normally and check if it boots into macOS without errors. If you still encounter the issue, it is suggested to contact for technical help. 

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