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[Fixes] Recover Files After Being Replaced by a New One

I accidentally clicked "replace file" when copying a file with photos that had the same name as another. Is there any way to recover the one that got replaced? If anyone can help me recover the file I accidentally "replaced" I would be extremely thankful.

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iBoysoft author Sherry Song

Sherry Song

Answered on Monday, February 19, 2024

Hello, don't worry, your photos can be recovered if you enable some cloud storage before.

If not, you are suggested to apply the powerful software, iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac, which can recover your data without cloud storage.

  1. Utilize iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac(if no cloud storage). Download, install, and open it > Select your Drive you stored your lost data and choose Search for Lost Data > Preview and choose the files then click Recover to another place. 
  2. Utilize Time Machine. Launchpad > Others > Time Machine > Browse the timeline to choose your wanted ones then click Restore.
  3. Use iCloud backup. Sign in to iCloud.com > Account Settings > Restore Files > Preview and choose the ones you want to restore.

Hope you can find your photos finally. Best wishes.

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