ReFS data recovery freeware to recover lost data from ReFS partition

Posted by Jessica to Home > Data Recovery Tips on July 11th, 2017

Overview of a ReFS partition

ReFS or called Resilient File System, is a new file system created by Microsoft in order to serve for the next generation operating systems such as Windows Server 2012. ReFS is characterized by several key features such as improved reliability for on-disk structures, built-in resilience, compatibility with existing APIs and technologies, automatic integrity checking & data scrubbing, copy on write, protection against corruption.

Data loss on a ReFS partition

Although ReFS has so many advanced functions, it can also fail to work sometimes and make users suffer from data loss.You may lose data from ReFS partition due to accidental deletion, mistakenly format, virus attack, unsafe ejection, sudden power outage, partition loss, etc. If you delete or format your ReFS partition by mistake and want to recover lost data from ReFS partition, or find your ReFS partition lost and need to recover lost data from lost ReFS partition, you are at the right place.

Only with a data recovery software, you can get your lost data back. But most data recovery software will charge you a sum of money if you want to use their full version, so some users are looking for ReFS data recovery freeware to help them recover lost data from ReFS partition for free.

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