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Removing Unwanted Launchpad Icons for Deleted Apps on Mac: A Step-by-Step Process

iBoysoft author Connie Yang
Written by Connie Yang
Professional tech editor
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You can force remove launchpad icons for deleted apps on Mac by going into the Applications folder and trashing the leftover files, or simply refreshing the Launchpad.


Guide to Permanently Removing Deleted App Icons from Launchpad Timestamped

1. 00:00 🍎 Learn how to force remove Launchpad icons for deleted apps on Mac, even when the usual method doesn't work.

2. 00:51 🍎 Remove Launchpad icons for deleted apps by going into the Applications folder and trashing the leftover files.

Notably, simply moving the app to Trash from the Applications folder in Finder usually can't completely uninstall it. An app always contains a lot of leftovers that scatter in every corner of your Mac and cannot be easily found and removed.

If you want to completely delete a program from your Mac, you can use iBoysoft MagicMenu. This right-click enhancer allows you to right-click to uninstall the target software and all its associated data. You can download and try the app uninstaller.

3. 01:55 🍎 Simply refresh the Launchpad to remove icons for apps that have been deleted from your system.

Guide to Permanently Removing Deleted App Icons from Launchpad Video Summary

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  1. Install the program, and it shows up on Launchpad, delete it, reboot, and it's still there.
  2. Issue the deleting program icons from Launchpad on Mac.
  3. Common problems with deleting program icons from Mac Launchpad.

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  4. Removing Unwanted Applications from Mac HD

They still exist in applications, why are they still there?

Navigate to Mac HD, go into Users to find your username, and then go into the Applications folder.
Desktop dungeons are still there, so I'm going to trash that right now.


Click on the deleted app's icon in Launchpad and then click the pop-up delete icon. Or, you can go to Finder > Applications to see whether the app is really deleted or not.


Open Finder and go to the Applications folder from the sidebar, then right-click the app and select Move to Trash. If you still can't delete it, you can use iBoysoft MagicMenu to completely uninstall the app from your Mac by a simple right-click.