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10 Strategies for Moving Files Between Folders on Mac

iBoysoft author Connie Yang
Written by Connie Yang
Professional tech editor
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There are multiple efficient ways to move files on a Mac, including drag and drop, spring-loading, adding folders to Favorites, using navigation buttons, and creating Quick Actions in Automator.


10 Efficient Ways to Move Files Across Folders on a Mac Timestamped

1. 00:00 πŸ–₯️ Learn 10 ways to move files on your Mac.

Among the ways, only using iBoysoft MagicMenu can enable you to right-click to move files across folders on your Mac.

This free right-click enhancer allows you to move files to any folder you want on your Mac without opening the target folder in advance. That greatly simplifies your workflow and improves work efficiency. Why not try it?

Here's how:

  1. Download, install, and open iBoysoft MagicMenu on your Mac.
  2. Right-click the file you want to move and then select Move To on the context menu.
  3. Select the target folder to finish moving the file to here.

 Note: The folders listed in the Move To submenu are the default folders in your user folder. You can also go to the iBoysoft MagicMenu's main interface, select Copy/Move To, and click the Add button (+) to add any other folder or hard drive you want.

2. 00:27 πŸ“ Drag and drop files between folders on your Mac, or use List View to move files into subfolders.

3. 01:33 πŸ“ Drag and drop files between folders on your Mac using spring-loaded folders and adjust preferences in System Preferences.

4. 02:08 πŸ“‚ Use spring-loading, tabs, favorites, and the Dock to easily move files between folders on your Mac.

5. 03:30 πŸ’» Use Command-click to see folder structure, drag and drop files into different levels, and use Forward and Backward buttons to easily move files between folders on your Mac.

6. 04:51 πŸ’» Use a clean Desktop as a temporary holding place for files, or create a Quick Action in Automator to move files to a specific location.

7. 06:07 πŸ“ Copy and Move files on Mac by using Command-C and Option-Command-V to move the file to a new location.

8. 07:33 πŸ“‚ Use the Command key to select multiple files, then drag and use Command-C to Copy, or Option to Move; holding the Option key changes Move to Copy, and holding the Command key changes Copy to Move.

Mac File Management: 10 Ways to Move Files Between Folders Video Summary

πŸ’» "Let me show you ten different ways to move files on your Mac."

πŸ–±οΈ The most straightforward method to move files on a Mac is to simply drag and drop between two windows, making it easy to organize files.

πŸ”„ Spring-loading allows for quick and easy movement of files between folders on a Mac, making organization a breeze.

πŸ“‚ You can add folders to your Favorites on the left and use them as a way to drop files without ever having to actually view the destination.

πŸ›‘ You can use the Forward and Backward buttons to easily navigate between folders and move files to previous locations, regardless of how you got there.

πŸ’» Creating a Quick Action in Automator can automate the process of moving files to a commonly used location, saving time and effort.

πŸ”„ "I like this method better because it doesn't leave the file in limbo anywhere. You don't cut it and then it's gone and then paste it somewhere."

πŸ“‚ "If you want to move it there you hold the Command key down and you can see the green plus icon go away. Now I'm actually moving the file."


The folders you want to move files to are read-only. You can right-click them and select Get Info. Then, change your privilege to them in the Sharing & Permissions section.


Simply drag the target folder and drop it to anywhere on the desktop you want it to locate.


You can use iBoysoft MagicMenu to right-click to move files. After installing iBoysoft MagicMenu, simply right-click the target file and choose Move To > the target folder.