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What to do when there's a broken APFS partition?

I have an APFS partition and an HFS+ partition, and I want to delete the HFS + partition in the Boot Camp partition. While I used disk utility to grow my main volume, it didn't recognize a volume and now my APFS partition became unrecognizable as an unknown partition format, and my Mac is unresponsive, how to solve it?

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Yuri Zhang

Answered on Monday, April 29, 2024

Before fixing, please back up your partition data in advance in case of data loss with iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac. Follow the instructions provided by the software, you can successfully save your data.

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After backup, here are troubleshooting steps:  Though reboot didn't work, you are advised to boot into Recovery mode by restarting your Mac and holding down Command + R until you see the Apple logo, then try running the resize command again from Terminal in Recovery mode. You can refer to Run Data Recovery Software in macOS Recovery Mode.

If your Mac boots normally now, use Disk Utility on your Mac to check and verify whether the identifier in your disk including the broken APFS partition is correct or not. And launch First Aid in Disk Utility to check for errors and repair them. You also can resize your APFS container to a specific size like 300 GB (adjust the size as needed).

After trying these steps, you should be able to successfully resize your macOS container to reclaim the free space from your Boot Camp partition. If not, then the only thing to do is to format it and contact technical support.

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