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SD Card Reader: The Best SD Card Reader for MacBook Pro

Updated on Tuesday, March 21, 2023

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Read Your SD Card on MacBook Pro With the Best SD Card Reader

An SD card reader is a device used to access the files stored on an SD card. It is a portable external device designed with one or more SD card slots and a USB interface.

As some devices like modern MacBook Pro computers don't come with an SD card slot, an SD card reader is an assistant to help your device detect the files on the SD card.

But, there are types of SD card readers on the market, how can you choose and use the right one for your MacBook Pro? Or you've already prepared an SD card reader but find it not working on your Mac. What should you do to enable your MacBook Pro to read it? Let's move on to find the answers.

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SD Card Reader

What SD card reader do you need for MacBook Pro?

Before selecting a suitable SD card for your MacBook Pro, you need to identify the ports on your MacBook Pro and your SD card type.

The port of the SD card reader should be suitable for the interface on your MacBook Pro. Or else, you can't connect the SD card reader to your computer. On most modern MacBook Pros, they are designed with USB-C ports. Hence, you need to select a USB-C SD card reader.

Besides, the slot on the SD card reader should adapt your SD card. Based on the size, there are three types of SD cards: regular SD card, Mini SD card, and Micro SD card.

The types of SD cards

After ensuring your SD card type and your MacBook Pro ports, you can choose the best SD card reader for your MacBook Pro.

Here are the 4 best SD card readers that are suitable for your MacBook Pro. You can take them as considerations. Or, you can pick up other SD card readers to meet your needs.

Best SD card readers for your MacBook Pro

1. Apple USB-C to SD card reader

Apple USB C to SD card reader

This Apple SD card reader designed by Apple Inc. is used for SDHC cards. But it is also backward compatible with standard SD cards.

You can use it to transfer high-resolution photos and videos at UHS-II speeds to your MacBook Pro.

2. LENTION USB-C to SD/Micro SD card reader

LENTION SD card reader

This SD card reader supports both SD cards and Micro SD cards, allowing reading 3 SD cards simultaneously. Whether you have an SD card or an SDHC or SDXC card, the reader can enable your MacBook Pro to access the data on the card.

More importantly, it is compatible with the 2021-2016 MacBook Pro in 13/15/16 inch and Apple M1 MacBook Pro.

3. SanDisk USB-C card reader

SanDisk SD card reader

SanDisk's USB-C card reader supports both SD cards and Micro SD cards. In performance, this SD card reader supports UHS-II (500MB/s) of data transfer, reducing your time-wasting on heavy-duty work.

4. Unitek USB-C SD card reader for USB C device

Unitek SD card reader

It supports MacBook Pro 2019/2018/2017/2016 and can read 3 SD cards at the same time. The 3 ports on the SD card reader are compatible with SDHC/SDXC and Micro SD cards.

You can use it to transfer files from your SD card to your MacBook Pro at high speed.

SD card reader for MacBook Pro not working, what to do?

Sometimes, your SD card not working or recognized on your Mac. You may regard the troublemaker as the SD card reader. You can check if your SD card reader supports your SD card. If not, change the SD card to a compatible one.

Then, check whether your way to insert your SD card into your SD card reader is right or not. Also, reconnect your SD card reader to your MacBook Pro to ensure the connection is well.

If your SD card reader still not working on your MacBook Pro, in other words, your computer still fails to read your SD card, you need to think about if your SD card format is compatible with your Mac and if the card is damaged or not.

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