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Why File Cut Option On Mac Is Not Available?

I'm using a Macbook pro M1 last six months but can not use yet command + x to cut files to move to another folder. what is this! how can I use Command + x to cut the file? Does anyone help me? Thanks

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iBoysoft author Eudora Liu

Eudora Liu

Answered on Friday, June 14, 2024

First, there is no cut option to cut and paste files on MacBook. Command + X can only cut and paste context but files or folders.

If you want to use the keyboard shortcut to cut and paste files on your MacBook, you can select your target files and press Command + C to copy them. Then turn to the specific location and press Command + Option + V to paste them. It looks like using Command + X to cut and paste context on your MacBook.

Instead of using the keyboard shortcut, here is an easier way for you to cut and paste files on your MacBook. iBoysoft MagicMenu is the best software for Mac users to get full control of their right-click feature.

With iBoysoft MagicMenu, you can make full use of the right-click menu on your MacBook to cut and paste files, create new files, uninstall apps, compress files or folders, convert images, etc. It helps customize and enhance the right-click menu on Mac. It is fully compatible with macOS & Mac OS X and Apple Silicon M1 and M2 Mac.

Following the below steps to cut and paste files on your M1 MacBook.

  1. Free download and launch iBoysoft MagicMenu.
  2. Right-click the target files or folders.
  3. Choose to Move to/Copy to a location without using the keys combination.

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