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WWDC 2024 Digest: Apple Intelligence, macOS 15, iOS 18 and More

Updated on Monday, June 17, 2024

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Apple recently wrapped up its yearly keynote address at the Worldwide Developers Conference. The company released a lot of news, the most significant of which was its move into artificial intelligence, dubbed Apple Intelligence, along with many other new features and updates on Apple's operating systems.

apple wwdc 2024

Apple Intelligence AI System

Apple Intelligence, which relies on a mix of server and on-device processing, is made to prioritize user privacy and data control while facilitating smooth actions across several apps. Apple Intelligence will be available on devices with at least M1 chips or phones with the A17 chip. It can therefore operate on any iPad or Mac running M1 or later, the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, as well as the new iPhones that will be released this autumn.

Advanced functions of the AI system include image generation, text summarization, and the ability to create unique emojis for use in Apple native apps. It is capable of exploring your apps and carrying out operations for you. In addition, Apple prioritizes privacy when implementing AI services. To this end, Apple has worked with OpenAI to enable users to produce text using ChatGPT and use its real-world expertise, provided they grant permission.

apple intelligence

macOS Sequoia

macOS Sequoia, the upcoming desktop operating system from Apple, comes with several new features.
Through iPhone mirroring, users can manage their audio playback and notifications on an iPhone from a Mac; The new Highlights feature in Safari uses machine learning to pinpoint the most interesting parts of a webpage;
The Passwords app is specifically designed to manage login credentials across many devices.

It is also worth mentioning others new features available on iPadOS and iOS, like as improved Maps and text animations. iPhone notifications will now display on macOS, and further video call improvements is included, such as screen isolation and background features.

macos 15

iOS 18 and iPadOS 18

With the revamp of Control Center and the Home Screen, iOS 18 gives consumers more personalization choices. You may lock or hide apps with the improved privacy controls so that when you give your phone to someone, nothing shows up. On iPhone 14 and later, Messages receives more Tapbacks, text effects, a send later function, and satellite messaging (and SMS). Furthermore, iOS 18 uses AI-powered features like RCS support for iMessage, email summarization, and response generating.

ios 18

Along with various iPad-specific improvements, iPadOS 18 includes many of the features that were teased for iOS 18. Enhancements include enhanced screen sharing in SharePlay, text effects, and scenes in the Freeform app; and Control Center customization. The new Calculator app has a feature called Math Notes that lets users write equations with the Apple Pencil and have the app solve them. In addition, a floating tab bar, an enhanced Document Browser, improved animations, Smart Scripts on Notes, and more are included.

ipados 18

WatchOS 11 and VisionOS 2

A number of new fitness-focused features are being added to Apple's smartwatch OS. The feature that lets you suspend ring progress for rest days or injuries without losing your streaks is one of the highlights. Training Load evaluates the intensity of your workouts. Your health measurements are collected by the Vitals app, which alerts you if anything is abnormal. More automated widgets and live activities are added by developers to the Smart Stack. Photos Face is improved with assisted photo selection.

watchos 11

"New immersive experiences" and productivity improvements are features of visionOS 2. One uses AI technology to "spatialize" images from regular pictures. Another is a new navigation feature in visionOS 2, which allows you to flip your hand over to reveal the control center with shortcuts, notifications, and more, or simply tap to go to the home screen. In addition, the update brings SharePlay for Photos, enhanced environment, and nine more nations for Apple Vision Pro.

visionos 2

TVOS 18 and AirPods

A feature named InSight, which provides information about the actors featured in the shows you're watching, will be added to TVOS 18. The dialogue audio will be improved, and subtitles will start immediately when you mute a show or fast-forward a few seconds. It also adds support for Portrait photographs as Apple TV screensavers and 21 x 9 projectors.

tvos 18

With the AirPods, you may communicate with Siri by nodding your head in response to announcements. For instance, you can interact with the voice assistant by shaking your head. When AirPods are utilized, voice isolation further enhances the quality of calls. Additionally, a customized spatial audio game setting is being made available.


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