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How to remove all leftover files from uninstalled apps on Mac?

Simply trashing the app doesn't seem to remove remnants. Is there an app removal software recommended?

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iBoysoft author Vain Rowe

Vain Rowe

Answered on Friday, June 14, 2024

It's annoying when you trash applications the associated files still hold lots of space on your device. In order to free up disk space and preserve the high performance of your device, I'd recommend iBoysoft DiskGeeker to anyone wondering how to delete the linked files from the uninstalled software.

Generally, though you can delete applications on your computer by dragging them to Trash, this deletion manner is not complete. No developer wants a user to erase everything about their applications. They always leave associated files of the software waiting for your return someday or continue tracking your preferences.

Therefore, the caches, preference files, saved states, and other indeed files still remain on your computer after the application uninstallation. iBoysoft DiskGeeker is recommended here to clean junk files on your computer.

iBoysoft DiskGeeker is an all-in-one management tool for Mac. It can scan the Mac hard drives and search for junk files, then you can remove them without a hitch.

Step 1: Free download and install iBoysoft DiskGeeker to your computer.

Step 2: Select a partition from the left panel.

Step 3: Click "Clean Drive" from the toolbar.

Step 4: Select the file(s) you want to delete and click "Delete All" to free up the space.

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