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[2023]An Introduction to Apple Mac Studio with M1/M2 Max/Ultra Chip

Updated on Monday, July 10, 2023

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What You Should Know About Mac Studio

Summary: This post is a guide on Mac Studio, it introduces the M1 Max/Ultra Mac Studio and M2 Max/Ultra Mac Studio. After reading, you will know details of Mac Studio including release date, price, design, performance, etc.

mac studio

On the 2023 June WWDC, Apple released some new OS such as macOS 14, iOS 17, iPadOS 17, WatchOS 10, etc., it also announced several hardware including the new headset, MacBook Air, Mac Pro, and Mac Studio. In this post, we are going to explore more about Mac Studio, one of four desktop computers in the Mac lineup.

Table of Contents:

What is Mac Studio

Mac Studio is a small-form-factor workstation produced by Apple Inc. It is one of four desktop computers in the Mac family, above the entry-level Mac Mini and iMac and below the Mac Pro. On March 8, 2022, the Mac Studio and Apple Studio Display were both introduced. On March 18, they were both made available to the public.

The 2022 Mac Studio is configurated with an M1 Max chip or an M1 Ultra chip. On the 2023 June WWDC, Apple unveiled the new Mac Studio which is powered by M2 Max/Ultra chip. On Tuesday, June 13, 2023, the new Mac Studio went on sale.

You must supply your own display since the Mac Studio doesn't come with one. Apple does not ship the Mac Studio with any input devices, just as the Mac mini. Any Bluetooth or USB-compatible device can be connected.

mac studio

2022 Mac Studio overview

The 2022 Mac Studio has a height of 3.7 inches and a width and depth of 7.7 inches. It was shipped with M1 Max or M1 Ultra chip. The M Max-equipped Mac Studio models weigh 5.9 pounds, and the M Ultra-equipped device weighs 7.9 pounds. 

The 2022 Mac Studio provides 4 Thunderbolt ports(M1 Max), 6 Thunderbolt ports(M1 Ultra), two USB-A ports, two USB-C ports(M1 Max), HDMI2.0 port, 10Gb Ethernet, and an SDXC card slot (UHS-II). It supports up to four Pro Display XDRs and one 4K display. 

mac studio ports

Mac Studio with an M1 chip enables you to equip the 2022 Mac Studio with up to 20-core CPU, 64-core GPU, 128GB unified memory, and 8TB storage. The price of the 2022 Mac Studio begins from $1999(M1 Max) and $3999(M1 Ultra).

2023 Mac Studio overview

The 2023 Mac Studio remains the same as the previous generation in appearance and weight, and the ports have also remained unchanged. What the significant upgrade Mac users can see is the robust M2 Max chip and M2 Ultra chip applied on the 2023 Mac Studio.

The 2023 Mac Studio can have up to 24-core CPU, 79-core GPU, 192GB unified memory, and 8TB storage. Upgraded Mac Studio can support up to eight 4K displays, six 6K displays, or three 8K displays. The cost of a Mac Studio with an M2 chip starts from $1999(M2 Max) and $3999(M2 Ultra).

M1 Mac Studio VS. M2 Mac Studio

m1 mac studio vs m2 mac studio

As we can see, Apple made no changes to the Mac Studio's shape, size, or weight. And the price point of M1 Mac Studio and M2 Mac Studio both are $1999. But still, there are some obvious enhancements. An HDMI 2.1 port for 8K display capability has been added, along with faster Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3, which resulted in significant speed gains.

The 2023 Mac Studio comes with a more powerful M2 chip, it has raised the count of GPU and CPU cores and has increased the unified memory, all of these make M2 Mac Studio deal with more intensive video and photo projects with a high speed. 

There is no doubt that M2 Mac Studio delivers more excellent performance compared with M1 Mac Studio. If you have a high demand for video and image editing, you can consider purchasing this upgraded Mac Studio to boost your productivity.

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