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What does 'FileVault: Yes(Unlocked)' mean in Terminal

I've been using a 2022 MacBook Pro M1 SoC for a month now. The old Mac was a mid-2015, and I fully erased it after switching the drive to the new one. I turned off and then back on FileVault on the old Mac drive on the new Mac today, The whole process was surprisingly fast. My main concern is: How can I enable encryption if it should be enabled already? Is my data truly encrypted, and what does "FileVault: Yes (Unlocked)" actually mean? I am not encrypted, it states in a "No" way.

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iBoysoft author Amanda Wong

Amanda Wong

Answered on Monday, February 19, 2024

After you connect the internal drive of your old Mac to the new MBP and decrypt it with the FileVault recovery key, you can boot the new Mac from the old drive to encrypt it again, given that FileVault can only encrypt internal and external hard drives.

When you run the Terminal command to check the FileVault state, and it says "FileVault: Yes(Unlocked)," it means the drive is FileVault-encrypted, it is unlocked now because you are logged into your Mac, and you can access the data. For a FileVault-disabled drive, it reads "FileVault: No."

If you boot up into macOS recovery mode and check the disk info in the Terminal, you will find that it is "FileVault: Yes(Locked)" given that the drive is unmounted now.

If you want to encrypt system or non-system volumes with FileVault, or decrypt FileVault drive, you can also try iBoysoft DiskGeeker, an all-in-one disk management tool for Mac.

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