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Why Dos HD Show Uninitialized And Apple ID Login Fail In My New MBP?

A bit of context: I got a new MacBook Pro and used Time Machine to transfer my applications and files from my previous MacBook Air. After it I could not log in into my user account in the MacBook Pro, it was not recognising my password and could not also logged in with my Apple ID. Currently, I cannot start the MacBook Pro and I cannot Reinstall macOS. When I access Disk Utility I have the internal disk named as: Apple SSD AP0512N Media and it appears to be uninitialised. How can I proceed with this matter? Should I "Erase"? And which settings should I define if I select Erase? When I run "First Aid" no errors where detected. Why I do not have Machintosh disk?

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iBoysoft author Vain Rowe

Vain Rowe

Answered on Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Firstly, click Show All Devices in the Disk Utility window to make sure you have viewed all drives and select the right HD. If the drive still shows uninitialized and reads Not Supported in Partition Map, I suggest you erase the drive and perform the restoration task one more time.

Both restoring from Time Machine Backup or local APFS snapshot work fine. The former needs sorts of downloads and installation work while it is a more common backup method.

Step 1: Erase Macintosh HD on your Mac.

1. Boot Mac into macOS Recovery Mode.

2. Get into Disk Utility.

3. Select Macintosh HD in Disk Utility.

4. Specify a name and format. You'd better select GUID Partition Map and APFS format.

5. Quit Disk Utility and reinstall macOS.

Step 2: Restore from Time Machine backup or snapshot.

After the Macintosh HD erasure, you can restore your Mac from either a Time Machine backup drive or an APFS snapshot as you like. After the restoration, go to check the partition map of the hard drive and log in to your Apple ID one more time.

Hope this answer helps!

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