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What to do I cannot read NTFS drive after macOS Catalina update

I can't access my NTFS drives on Mac after upgrading to macOS Catalina. It worked fine before. How do I fix this NTFS drive issue?

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iBoysoft author Jenny Zeng

Jenny Zeng

Answered on Friday, April 12, 2024

It appears to me that your NTFS driver is having issues with your updated macOS, Catalina. It's a common problem that users encounter with every major upgrade.

Try the following tips to resolve the issue:

① Update your Mac if a new release is available.

② Check if the NTFS driver you're using is compatible with your updated macOS.

➤ If it is, reinstall your NTFS driver.

➤ If it has been recently updated, install the update on your Mac.

➤ If it doesn't support your macOS, consider switching to a different NTFS driver that's compatible with macOS Catalina or downgrading your Mac to a version that supports your driver.

If you want to experiment with different NTFS for Mac software, try iBoysoft NTFS for Mac. Its developers respond quickly to each major macOS release and always keep it updated. Until now, it supports the latest macOS 13 Ventura ~ macOS 10.13 High Sierra on Intel-based (T2 & non-T2), Apple Silicon (M1 & M2) Macs.

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