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I have an app on my Mac that I can't delete? Help!

I have an app on my Mac that I can't delete. Won't let me drag it to trash and Command delete does nothing. I don't remember ever installing this app. Any help greatly appreciated.

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iBoysoft author Amanda Wong

Amanda Wong

Answered on Wednesday, May 31, 2023

If you fail to uninstall a third-party app on your Mac, perhaps the app is running. You should close the open app and uninstall it from your Mac. There are multiple ways to delete an app on Mac.

To close an open app, you can click the "x" button within the app's interface to quit. In case it doesn't work, and you receive a message saying "The item can't be moved to the Trash because it's open," alternatively, you can force quit on Mac to close unresponsive applications. In addition, you can also quit an app in use with another macOS built-in tool, the Activity Monitor.

Once you have closed the application you want to delete, then you can uninstall apps on Mac in these ways:

  • Delete apps in Launchpad: long-press the app and click the "x" button, then click Delete.
  • Remove apps via Finder: go to Application, right-click the app, choose Move to Trash, and then empty Trash.
  • Uninstall apps downloaded from the internet with its built-in uninstaller folder in Finder.
  • Remove apps using the Terminal command. 
  • Delete apps with third-party uninstallers. Pick up a powerful uninstaller for Mac to thoroughly delete the app and its leftovers on your Mac. Here, we recommend iBoysoft Magicmenu, a fully customizable Finder menu on Mac. Just select the app you want to delete and right-click to choose Uninstall from the menu.

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