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What Is The Original One In Similar Photos?

Hello, I'm trying to delete duplicate photos on my Mac, originally taken on my phone. Some it's clear which is the original, others it's not. For example, I have two files of the same photo, IMG_0396.JPG and IMG_0371.JPG, indistinguishable in Photos with Get Info When you export them, you can see IMG_0396 has a later file modified date. For some reason, IMG_0371 file modified date is different from the file created date. For most of the other duplicate sets usually at least one photo has the same file created date as file modified date. Next I downloaded an app called Photos Duplicate Cleaner, v1.7, which described additional metadata I don't know how Photos creates their folder structure, but it looks like 0396 is in an earlier folder than 0371. Also, what is Editing Software referring to there? So comparing IMG_0396 to IMG_0371 I would say the original is By filename: 0371 By file created date: same By file modified date: 0371 By capture date: same By stored folder: 0396 By editing software: 0371 The app suggests 0396 as the original and deleting 0371. It makes sense if it was imported first and created earlier and therefore has an earlier folder, but why the discrepancy with a later filename, a later file modified data, and later editing software version? Another example of 3 copies is even more complex So here by Filename: 0352 File modified: 0563 (the first one) Folder name: 0352 Looking into it more, I think the File modified date is somewhat meaningless as I may have edited or done something to the file so it's not reflective of its age. I also understand the file metadata is different from the image exif data. Which may mean that the folder name is the most reliable to use. But what about the image number and editing software version? Photos Duplicate Cleaner will move the duplicate photos into a duplicate album in Photos, and you can delete from there in Photos. Is it safe to let it this third party program alter the Photos Library? Lastly, I want to move all photos to an external hard drive and have them only reside on the drive and not the main hard disk. Is the best way simply to move the Photos Library? Thanks all for your help.

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iBoysoft author Vain Rowe

Vain Rowe

Answered on Monday, February 19, 2024

Hi there, based on your photos and descriptions, I'd like to tell you that neither IMG_0396.JPG nor IMG_0371.JPG are duplicates. They are different photos but are related to the same items and shot from the same angle. Actually, if a photo is derived from another photo, it should be named after the original one. For example, the duplicate of IMG_0396.JPG should be IMG_0396.1.JPG and the duplicate of IMG_0371.JPG should be IMG_0371.1.JPG.

If you want to pick duplicates and retain the original one from a batch of photos on Macs, iBoysoft MagicMenu is recommended here. It can quickly search for similar photos in the selected folder on your Mac through the right-click menu. This duplicate photo finder allows you to sort the search results by creation date, and clean up a large number of duplicate photos with one click to free up disk space on the Mac hard drive.

All you need to do is download it on your device, add the duplicate photo cleaner extension, and then launch it to find the duplicates for further action.

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