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Recorded videos on my SD card disappear, what to do?

I took out the SD card from my digital camera and inserted it into my computer, but I can't find those recorded videos, what should I do? Are those recorded videos lost, how to recover them?

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iBoysoft author Amanda Wong

Amanda Wong

Answered on Wednesday, May 31, 2023

If you find the SD card files are not showing up on your computer, it does not necessarily mean that your recorded files are lost, although it is one kind of possibility. The culprit could be the SD card, the connection issue, and your computer. Even if SD card files are lost, you can still recover them with some remedies.

Can you see the videos on the SD card when it is inserted into your digital camera? If your answer is yes, then the SD card should not be to blame. You should continue to identify the causes in the aspect of the connection and the computer. 

Did you connect the SD card to your computer correctly? Check the compatibility of the SD card slot, change to another healthy USB cable, directly connect the SD card to Mac/Windows PC without a hub, etc., to make sure the connection is in good condition.

Still can't see the SD card videos on your computer? Perhaps the files system of the SD card is incompatible with your computer, or you need to restart your computer to eliminate some system crashes. Besides, updating your operating system and the disk drive to the latest version is necessary.

If SD card files are invisible on camera, your SD card files may be hidden, or the SD card is corrupted, resulting in SD card files not showing on Windows and Mac. Here is a comprehensive post to help you unhide files on SD card, if you can't still see the recorded files, you may get a corrupted SD card, then recover your videos from the SD card before you repair it.

To recover files from a corrupted SD card, you will need a data recovery software. Choosing professional software could increase the recovery rate, iBoysoft Data Recovery will not let you down, and both macOS and Windows are supported. Just download the right version and recover files ASAP!

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