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I accidentally emptied my trash, all my files are disappeared, any remedies?

I opened the Trash on Mac and wanted to put back some deleted files, but I accidentally click the Empty Trash button, and all the deleted files are permanently removed from the Trash folder, is it possible to recover my files from the emptied Trash?

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iBoysoft author Amanda Wong

Amanda Wong

Answered on Wednesday, May 31, 2023

When you empty Mac Trash by mistake, you can still recover deleted files with available backup if you have created one before the deletion, or restore deleted files from the Mac hard drive with third-party data recovery software. 

The Trash can/folder is the last place you can retrieve the deleted files on your Mac if you delete files on your Mac using the Command-Delete keys, dragging-dropping files into the Trash can, right-clicking the files and choosing Move to Trash, or selecting files, clicking the File menu at the top menu bar, and then choosing Move to Trash. 

You can simply open the Trash can and select the files you want to restore and right-click on Mac to choose Put Back, the selected files will go back to the previous folder. When you accidentally emptied the Trash can, if you have backed up files with Time MachineiCloud, or other cloud storage, you can also get deleted files back.

Unfortunately, there is no backup! You can still try to recover files from emptied Trash on Mac with data recovery software. The prerequisite for emptied trash recovery is that the deleted data hasn't been overwritten. When you empty the Trash, although those deleted files are removed, they are still on the hard drive but become invisible to you. Data recovery software could find those deleted files on your drive and make them visible to you so that you can recover them back. 

I would recommend iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac, the best Mac data recovery software. It supports the latest macOS Ventura and M2 chip and delivers excellent performance to recover more than 1000 types of file formats from various scenarios. Download and install it to recover files from emptied Trash ASAP!

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