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My Mac runs High Sierra, how to remove duplicate photos?

There are some duplicate photos on my Mac, I want to delete them so that release more disk space, any help?

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iBoysoft author Amanda Wong

Amanda Wong

Answered on Monday, February 19, 2024

Yes, of course, there are multiple ways you can choose to remove duplicate photos on Mac.

To delete duplicate photos on Mac:

First, you can manually delete the duplicate items in Finder or the Photos app. Select the items one by one to select multiple items on Mac and right-click to choose Move to Trash. 

Secondly, use the Smart Folder in the Finder to quickly search for photos that match the criteria you typed such as part of the file name. Then drag and drop unwanted files to the Mac Trash.

Thirdly, on macOS Monterey and earlier versions, you can use the Smart Album in the Photos app to easily find items that match the selected criteria, similar to the Smart Folder in the Finder. While on macOS Ventura and later, the Duplicates Album in the Photos app makes it easier to remove duplicate photos on Mac.

Fourthly, try a third-party duplicate photo cleaner for Mac. There are free and paid apps you can choose from. Most Mac duplicate cleaners can search for duplicates from selected files/folders so that you can further manage them, and some of them even support scanning the photos in the Mac Photos app. 

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