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How to Get A Free NTFS Driver For Mac for Seagate And WD?

I've macOS Monterey on a MacBook Pro. I have Seagate and WD external hard drives which are NTFS formatted. I cannot switch from NTFS to extFat because LG Smart TV OS doesn't support extFat. I found that both Seagate and WD Provide free NTFS driver for Mac. Both the drivers are from Paragon. I found that NTFS Driver from Seagate doesn't work for WD drives and vice versa. What are my options here? Do I need to buy NTFS driver for Mac from Paragon directly so that it works for both Seagate and WD hard drives? It seems pretty stupid for Apple not to support NTFS. This is my first MAC and I'm wondering if I should pack it in a box and send it back to Apple and stick with Microsoft.

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iBoysoft author Anna Yuan

Anna Yuan

Answered on Friday, April 12, 2024

It seems that you need to switch between your MacBook Pro and LG Smart TV. Normally, you can format the NTFS Seagate and WD drive into exFAT to solve this problem, however, your LG TV does not support exFAT. Just like what you've mentioned, your best option now to read and write the Seagate and WD NTFS drive on Mac is using a third-party NTFS driver.

There are many NTFS for Mac free programs in the market, such as Mounty for NTFS, NTFS-3G, FUSE for macOS, and SL-NTFS. However, these completely free NTFS drivers almost have a slow write speed and also require familiarity with Xcode and command lines. Thus, a free NTFS for Mac software could not be your best choice here.

Here I'd like to recommend you a commercial NTFS for Mac software with a relatively low price - iBoysoft NTFS for Mac to help you enable NTFS read-write on Mac. iBoysoft NTFS for Mac app is trustworthy and easy to use. To solve your Seagate and WD external hard drive read-only issue on Mac, simply do the following:

Step 1: Connect your Seagate or WD external hard drive to your MacBook Pro.

Step 2: Free download iBoysoft NTFS for Mac on the official website of iBoysoft or in the Apple App Store.

Step 3: Double-click the box in the middle of the pop-up named Installer.      

Step 4: Click Continue Installation. If necessary, you'll be asked to enable System Extensions to gain full disk access.

Step 5: Launch iBoysoft NTFS for Mac software, your Seagate/WD drive should be mounted successfully, and you can access the NTFS disk on Mac and read/write NTFS files.

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